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What We Do

We want to create knives as unique as the people that use them ....

....being functional, yet a piece of art to be admired. Each knife is individually handcrafted and combines an inspiring list of recycled materials, that can also be custom made for your specific needs.   

Blades are shaped from Vintage High Carbon steel of old farm equipment such as chainsaws or crosscut saws, and then etched with patterns.   We also use Damascus Steel or High Carbon Steel, but less frequently.  Engravings can be added for a personal touch.

Handle materials can include unique woods, brass, ebony, mother of pearl, horn, antler, leather, stone, artifacts, even incorporating special items such as rings or coins.   

Our current product line is Chef’s Knives (with optional wooden sleeve), the smaller Bushcraft Knives (with optional leather sheath), as well as a few historically inspired knives. We are eager to add new types of knives soon and encourage you to keep checking back with us as we keep exploring the many possibilities.

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Who We Are

With a passion for history and up cycled mixed materials, it was a natural transition for artist and woodworker, David MacLean, to forge into knife making. David’s father introduced him to knives at an early age, and he has made many over the years as a hobby. Earlier in his life, David attended Emily Carr University in Vancouver, and then Instituto Allende Art School in Mexico. He specialized in painting, print making and sculpture. While supporting a young family, David diversified into careers in tree planting and cabinet making.

The natural environment surrounding Quadra Island, where David has lived for over 30 years, is a constant source of inspiration for design, as well as his Scottish family background.


Deanna Mitchell was the recipient of one of David’s knives, and having managerial and bookkeeping experience as a background, realized that David’s knives should be much more than a hobby, and hence the business SpinDrift Custom Knives came to be in October 2021. Deanna has also lived on Quadra Island for over 30 years, and David and Deanna love to spend time together hiking, kayaking, camping, and of course browsing lots of consignment stores and beaches for “treasures” for their knives.


It is very exciting for us to be able to share the beauty and functionality of these personal handcrafted and designed knives with you.

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